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To Improve Health, We give hope aiming to ameliorate the quality of life for Lymphoedema society.
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Through a strong society committed shareholders, German Lympho Center to become and remain the leader center in treatment of Lymph oedema patients in Africa & the Middle East.
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What is Lymphoedema ?
Lymphoedema ia a swelling of a body part, most often an extremity, caused by the abnormal accumulation of Lymph fluid. It can also occur in the face, neck,arms, abdomen and legs. If the Lymphatic system is disturbed it can no longer take up sufficient Lymph. The fluid accumulates in the tissues. The result: a visible and palpable swelling. Doctors call this “Lymphoedema ”.
Disturbance of the Lymphatic system can be congenital (primary Lymphoedema ) or as a result of an operation,radiotherapy, infections or injuries (secondary Lymphoedema ).
  • We distinguish between benign and malignant secondary Lymphoedema .
  • Lymphoedema can occur locally or over the whole body (Generalized Lymphoedema ).
  • Lymphoedema is a chronic disorder.
  • Women are affected in nine out of ten cases.
  • Over 2 million cases of secondary Lymphoedema in the United State are estimated, mostly the result of breast cancer therapy and after mastectomy.
Stages of Lymphoedema:
The course of the disease is divided into different stages:
Stage 0: (Unrecongized) damage of the lymphatic vessels, nolymphoedema (yet).
Stage 1: The (soft) oedema occurs towards the evening and disappears partially or completely on elevating the legs.
Stage 2: The oedema persists, even after longer periods of rest. The skin is thickened, even elevating the legs does not reduce the swelling.
Stage 3: Complicated swelling with pronounced skin changes, e.g. wart-like growths, in the form of small blisters or fistulas from which lymph discharges, up to very extreme swelling (elephantiasis).
Diagnosis of Lymphoedema:
Only a specialist can diagnose whether you have Lymphoedema or not. The specialist can usually tell what sort of oedema it is after taking your medical history and giving you a thorough examination.
If your diagnosis is unclear and in order to rule out malignant processes, Modern Imaging Techniques such as ultrasound investigations, indirect Lymphoedema and lymph scintigraphy may be used in some cases.
If you note a suspicious swelling do not wait too long…Consult your doctor who can refer you to a specialist if necessary.
Treatment of Lymphoedema with Lympha Press Manual Lymph Dainage (MLD) :
The central component of decongestion therapy is Manual Lymph Drainage. Lymph drainage is no ordinary form of massage! The therapist uses special techniques known as stationary circles, pumping, scooping and rotaries to stimulate the lymph vessels. The body is drained, first in the area of the neck and upper quarter of the body, to create a suction effect on the lower lymphatic vessels. Oedema fluid is then displaced from regions of high to regions of low oedema and pressed into the lymphatic vessels. This loosens the hardened connective tissue.
Important: the patients bandages must be replaced after each session of lymph drainage.
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